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Before we get to the resources that are featured in May, we want to be sure you're aware of what's...


Remembering the Holocaust: A Palmetto Scene Special 

Listen to the woman who found Anne Frank’s diary after the Secret Annex was discovered by the Nazis. Experience and explore the University of South Carolina’s Anne Frank Center, the first of its kind in North America. And see the Center’s impact on students, educators and the community. With special vocal performances HONORING the victims…and survivors of the Holocaust.

SCETV Simile Slam 

League Academy in Greenville, SC was selected as the SCETV Simile Slam site. In the episode, students perform their own poetry featuring similes inspired by the life of Muhammad Ali.

Short Takes with Naturalist Rudy Mancke 

New series of 15 programs - now available!

Original Series

What's Wild

Experience the wonder! Explore the spectacular! What’s Wild features South Carolina’s rarest wildlife and the amazing people who protect them.

What's Wild Quizzes




First Step auf Deutsch - Lesson Plans

Healthy Hannah's Healthy Choice Heroes - Lesson Plans

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At this time of year, our thoughts traditionally turn to proms, graduations and the start of summer vacations. Almost in an instant, this joyous, celebratory time of year can become a time of immense heartbreak and tragedy when a young person’s life is taken all too soon, as a result of risky behavior or inexperience.  South Carolina ETV encourages you to influence a teen in your life, age 14 or above, to view Keep It Real and consider the possibility that such a tragedy could occur in their life or the life of a friend or family member. These videos offer a reality check that may serve as a valuable lesson in avoiding risky behavior. But it won’t work unless they actually view them! Please encourage teens in your life to do so and give them fair warning that the videos are difficult to watch.

Now is a great time to consider small steps we can all take toward being more physically fit and eating healthier foods! View the resources here and make the changes that you can—even in small increments. It all adds up to a healthier you! These videos are inspiring! Take a look!

Knowitall Healthy! Topics


Smart Cat

The official mascot for SCETV Kids

Smart Cat leads kids of all ages through exercise steps to get you up and moving. Here's your Smart Cat Seal of Approval. Stay happy and healthy, friends!

Marcus Lattimore from First Choice Community Center in Columbia demonstrates fun and easy exercises that can be done at home.

Four key illness prevention tips are highlighted in English and with Spanish subtitles, along with the Wash Hands Song with Danielle Howle!

Lessons on topics including safety, getting a good night's sleep, handwashing and etiquette when coughing or sneezing, the five senses, character education, positive self-view, choosing friends, mental health, manners, handling money, and diversity and inclusion.

Download the work here

Twenty short videos that are engaging and fun to watch! This series helps to inspire young people to take the lead in living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle!

Be sure to view the Lesson Plans for Healthy Hannah's Healthy Choice Heroes!


Series produced to help educate teens about the consequences of inappropriate risk-taking behavior. Rated TV-14. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Two of these short programs provide a fun, unique way to encourage middle and high school students to read for fun as well as for information. The other four attention-getting vignettes are designed to help students understand how to be safe at school, at home and online. School Resource Officers talk about what is the safe behavior in each situation.

Presented by the SC Department of Public Safety and ETV, these short programs are designed to provide a safety message to young students and may be used for older children, especially special education students.

Short dramatizations are part of the Partnership Training for Law Enforcement and Education course and can be used with students to initiate discussion. Teachers are advised to preview these videos for scenes and content that may not be appropriate for use in their classroom.

Students used their video and reporting skills to create short documentaries on healthy food, farms and gardens. Focusing on sustainable food production and nutrition, students made the connection between a healthy lifestyle and their education. Does sustainable farming or gardening interest you? How about the health benefits? Even a small garden could substantially change your life for the better! 

Youth Services, a SCDE Professional Development series, was coordinated by Kimberly W. Smith, Education Associate, Safe and Drug-Free Schools in SCDE Office of Youth Services.

Important viewing for adults who want to influence the children in their lives to Eat Smart, Move More!



May is Jewish American Heritage Month. View the Holocaust Remembrance Collection including:

National Pet Week provides an opportunity to recognize the importance of pets in our lives! View our Animal Lovers collection!

On Cinco de Mayo, we celebrate our Hispanic heritage! View the Hispanic Heritage collection!

May provides an opportunity to celebrate all who serve in these professions, whose efforts improve all of our lives!

  • National Astronaut Day and National Space Day - View our Space Exploration Collection! 

  • National Nurses Day provides a wonderful day on which to celebrate and appreciate nurses.

  • As we celebrate, honor and pay tribute to our mothers on Mothers Day, consider the contributions made by women throughout history - view our Women’s History collection! Learn about women making outstanding contributions today in our Women in Leadership collection!

  • We honor those who have chosen to commit themselves to careers in education and celebrate them on School Principals Day, National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. In this month in which we show appreciation for our educators, we encourage everyone—at every age—to honor their teachers by committing to learning something new every day! For starters, visit our May Factoids!



In case you missed them, we want to review these resources recently added to!

Against the Tide - Charleston's Marine Mammal Response Team | Palmetto Scene

Charleston’s 250-plus resident bottlenose dolphins can swim a little easier now, thanks to the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, a non-profit organization and marine mammal first-response team whose mission is to give a voice to the voiceless. When LMMN isn’t saving marine wildlife, they’re organizing events to educate the public about Charleston’s bottlenose dolphin population and inspiring children to become future ambassadors of conservation. If you’re interested in being involved, volunteer work is always needed and be sure to check out LMMN’s free app, “Dolphin Count”, so you, too, can join the effort and become a citizen scientist.  

Asynchronous Studio Lessons

2022 Activity Zine | South Carolina African American History Calendar - now available on KnowItAll!

The 2022 Activity Zine offers a variety of activities designed by ETV Education for first through fifth grade students. From crossword puzzles to matching activities, to writing about your superpowers, there should be something in the Zine that catches your interest.

Download the new 2022 Activity Zine now!

2022 Zine Activity Sheets (January - August 2022)

Please note: The remaining honorees from the 2022 Zine will be divided into individual sections on each honoree. We will be adding these here on the KnowItAll blog and on KnowItAll soon. 


Carolina Snaps

From small towns to southern icons, learn about South Carolina with these 60-second videos.

Conversations with Crescent

Freedom Comin': A Gullah Kinfolk Wish

From the Sky - new episodes available!

Go For It 

Gracie and Lacy

History In A Nutshell

Lewis and Clark Expedition | History In A Nutshell

Join our cartoon avatar host as he guides viewers through the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The U.S. acquired the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, and President Thomas Jefferson wanted to know exactly what he had bought. Between 1804-1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the "Corps of Discovery" on a journey west to the Pacific Ocean on a search for the fabled "Northwest Passage" waterway. Was the journey worth it? Find out in this edition of History in a Nutshell!

Persian Gulf War | History In A Nutshell

Saddam Hussein's military forces invaded and occupied Iraq's next door neighbor Kuwait on August 2, 1990. This invasion was immediately condemned by the United Nations, and an Allied Coalition was formed with the purpose of driving Saddam out of Kuwait. This edition of History in a Nutshell explores the reasons behind Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, and the process behind the Coalition's response to Saddam's aggression. 

Now including an interview with U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Joel "Rally" Rush - an A-10 Thunderbolt pilot who destroyed Iraqi tanks during the Persian Gulf War! 

Tankbusters | History In A Nutshell

Meet pilot Lieutenant Colonel Joel "Rally" Rush, U.S. Air Force, retired. Lt. Col. Rush flew various aircraft throughout his Air Force career, including the legendary A-10 Thunderbolt II, also nick-named the Warthog. Rush's primary job in the Persian Gulf War was hunting Saddam Hussein's Iraqi tanks. In these interview segments, Rush discusses his first-hand experiences during the conflict. 

Attention Educators: Some of the material covered in this series may feature content not suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. 

New Quizzes for History In A Nutshell - Now Available!

Ladybug Activities - Now Available in our BK Collection: All Things Ladybugs!

These activities are now available in our BK Collection: All Things Ladybugs collection - try them out!

Let's Go!

Bettis Academy

"Rev. Alexander Bettis, a former slave who could read but couldn't write, established Bettis Academy in 1882 to provide education for African-Americans in South Carolina. Bettis Academy provided both day and boarding options for its students. Its curriculum emphasized the Bible and religious instruction, literacy, mechanical and agricultural arts, and home economics. Bettis Academy closed in 1950. An annual Earth Day event is held there each April." - Discover South Carolina

Booker T. Washington High School 

From 1915-1974, Booker T. Washington High School served as a separate educational system for young African Americans in Columbia, South Carolina. The school began with elementary grades and became a standard high school in 1924. For many years, Booker T. Washington was the largest African American high school in South Carolina. In 1956, the facilities of the school were expanded and renovated, but the 1954 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in "Brown v. the Board of Education" that segregated schools, no matter how fine their physical plant and educational programs, were inherently unequal, led to the end of the school. When Columbia schools were integrated, the University of South Carolina absorbed Booker T. Washington School's physical plant, some of whose buildings are still in use by the University. 

Florence C. Benson Elementary

"The Florence C. Benson Elementary School was built in 1953-55 as Wheeler Hill School to serve African American students of the community and as a replacement for the overcrowded Celia Dial Saxon Negro Elementary School. An equalization school, it is both an example of the government’s efforts to maintain “separate but equal” school systems for blacks and whites and one of the last remnants of a segregated black residential area. The school served 270 students in the first through sixth grades. In 1958 it was re-named in honor of Florence Corinne Benson, a former teacher at the school."

Lamar High School

Lamar High School in Darlington County, South Carolina, was the site of an attack on school buses carrying African American students to the campus on March 3, 1970. In January 1970, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States ordered Darlington County Public Schools to immediately integrate by February 18, 1970. While there was compliance in much of the county, many white parents in Lamar strongly objected to integration. Local businessman Jeryl Best led a group, Citizens for Freedom of Choice, in a boycott of the segregated white schools in the Lamar area from February 18 to March 3. African American parents boycotted the segregated schools for two weeks, concerned there would not be federal protection for their children. A.W. Stanley, the president of the Darlington NAACP Branch, voiced the rising danger of violence to the County Superintendent of Education and urged him to request federal assistance. Continued here...

Penn Center

Penn Center is one of the most significant African American historical and cultural institutions in existence today. The historic campus is located on St. Helena Island, one of the most beautiful and historically distinct of the South Carolina Sea Islands, and at the heart of Gullah culture. 

SC Military Museum | Let's Go!

First established in Sumter county as the “National Guard Museum and State Weapons Collection”, the South Carolina Military Museum relocated to the capital city of Columbia to better serve its mission of preserving the State’s military history. This new location offered strong partnerships with the South Carolina Military Department and the opportunity to expand the collection. Through the efforts of staff and volunteers, the former National Guard motor pool was transformed into an inviting space for the community to learn their rich military heritage. Officially recognized by the U.S. Army’s Center for Military History and the National Guard Bureau, the museum features a timeline of South Carolina military history within two full exhibit galleries available for visitors to explore. Staff members are on hand to help with research inquiries by utilizing our archival collection or resource material. Always striving to lead by example, the museum also hosts community events to thank our veterans and build relationships with the community.

Making It Grow

All About Bats

Project Discovery Revisited

Pygg E. Bank Economic$

  1. Debt Eliminators

  2. Inflation

  3. The Money Plan

  4. Close Encounters

  5. The Personal Investment

  6. The Power of the Purse

  7. Money Mania

  8. Money Matters

  9. The Exchange

Reconstruction 360

Reconstruction 360 uses a 360 degree video platform as a storytelling device that lets the audience step inside pivotal Reconstruction events. By clicking on icons within the 360 video the user can access short documentaries that offer the perspectives of multiple characters, historians and descendants. Reconstruction 360 also includes lesson plans, curriculum standards and primary documents. This module, A Seat at the Table, focuses on the theme of institution building, with a focus on the institution of family.

Be sure to explore all three modules currently available! There are more to come!

Step into a working farm in South Carolina in 1865, where an amazing reversal of labor and land ownership has taken place. Freedpeople are working their own farm, producing crops, making money. But then a visitor appears on the horizon, and one of the most painful, lasting chapters in American history is about to unfold.

You are invited to dinner in Savannah in 1868. The mother of a Black family has prepared a special meal to commemorate the new Georgia State Constitution that her husband and pastor have helped to create.

Welcome to a small school in rural Alabama. Everyone in the community is excited about the new teacher, a recent Normal School graduate who brings spelling books for her students.

Simple Digital

Smart Cat

We Have a Story To Tell | Carolina Stories

The story of the South Carolina Army National Guard, from its founding in 1670, to present-day. The Guard’s history is long and rich; its service to the United States and to South Carolina is enduring. The SC Military Museum partnered with the SC Military History Foundation to tell the stories of the SC Army National Guard and the SC Air National Guard.  

Women of Character: South Carolina Hall of Fame Inductees

This "Carolina Stories" documentary features the biographies of four "leading ladies" in South Carolina history, who have been honored by induction into the South Carolina Hall of Fame...Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) was born in Mayesville, South Carolina to parents who had been slaves, founded Bethune-Cookman University in Florida, and served as a national adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Maude Callen (1898-1990) was a nurse/midwife who brought health care to Pineville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas of rural Berkeley County. Septima Poinsette Clark (1898-1987), born in Charleston, South Carolina, was an educator and civil rights activist who developed literacy and citizenship workshops that significantly influenced the American Civil Rights Movement. Elizabeth Evelyn Wright (1872-1906) grew up in poverty, attended Tuskegee College in Alabama, and founded Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina.

Palmetto Heritage - Updated Video Quality and Captions Now Available!

This work brings us closer to completing the steps needed toward offering Spanish translations, which are also planned for this and other series on in the future.

More to come in the near future!


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