First Step auf Deutsch 108: Walking Through the Community Lesson Plan

Lesson Overview

Frau Falcone shows the children a letter from her cousin in Germany. With the use of a picture of a German-style town, Frau Falcone explains that her cousin had to go to the post office to mail the letter. Mailboxes in Germany are yellow instead of blue. She points out several different buildings, and she gives their uses (i.e. at the movies (Kino), films are seen, and popcorn is served, at the bakery (Backerei), Sean can buy sweets). Frau Falcone asks the children which day they go to church. They tell her that they go to church on Sunday. Frau Falcone explains that Sunday is the last day of the week on the German calendar. They discuss the days of the week that one attends school, etc.

Frau Falcone gives the children some money. She asks them questions about where one would go in order to do certain things. For example, where do you go when you are hungry? She tells them that they can get food at the restaurant or at the café. She asks them about where clothes are bought, and she also inquires about where books are bought, and not borrowed.

Frau Falcone mentions several activities that one can do on Saturday, and then she allows them to choose an activity. The children pick up an item that pertains to what they want to do, and then discuss it with Frau Falcone and the others. Lindsay chose popcorn because she wants to go to the movies. Deborah chose a picture because she wants to go to the Museum. Sean bends over like his stomach hurts. Frau Falcone tells him that he needs medicine from the Pharmacy (Apotheke), so Lindsey gives him some. They review where they want to go one more time. Now, Sean wants to go to the Bakery. They play a game where each person pulls an item out of a bag and tells where they might obtain that item. Finally, they review objects and places in the community.

Less than 1 hour
Lesson Type
Traditional Lesson



Other Instructional Materials or Notes:

PreK, Kindergarten, 1, 2


house das Haus
school die Schule
restaurant das Restaurant
store das Geschaeft
cinema das Kino
theater das Theater
bookstore die Buchhandlung
hospital das Krankenhaus
hotel das Hotel
pharmacy die Apotheke
church die Kirche
museum das Museum
coffee shop das Café
supermarket der Supermarkt
market die Markt
bank die Bank
post office die Post
bakery die Baeckerei
library die Buecherei
letter der Brief
money das Geld


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