Lewis and Clark Expedition Photo Gallery | History in a Nutshell

This supplementary photo gallery contains the following images:

  • Map of the Louisiana Territory
  • Meriwether Lewis
  • William Clark
  • President Thomas Jefferson
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • Meriwether Lewis speaks with President Jefferson
  • Dr. Benjamin Rush’s “Thunderclappers”
  • Lewis and Clark Recruiting the Sergeants
  • Winter at Fort DuBois, 1803-1804
  • The 55-foot-long Keelboat with smaller “Pirogues”
  • Death of Sergeant Charles Floyd
  • Lewis and Clark Encounter Otoe, Arikara, and Yankton Sioux Tribes
  • Encounter with Teton Sioux
  • Corps of Discovery Arrival at Mandan Villages
  • Fort Mandan (Winter of 1804-1805)
  • Mandan Native Americans observe York
  • Sacagawea with her son Jean-Baptiste, nicknamed “Little Pompey” by the members of the Corps of Discovery
  • Lewis and Clark reach the Great Falls
  • Portage around the Great Falls
  • York, William Clark’s enslaved African American
  • Lewis and Clark’s encounter with a Grizzly Bear
  • Sacagawea reunited with her long lost brother, Chief Camehawait (“One Who Never Walks”)
  • Sacagawea interpreting for Lewis and Clark
  • The Corps of Discovery crossing the Bitterroot Mountains
  • Lewis and Clark among the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Tribe
  • Watkuweis
  • A page from Meriwether Lewis’ Journal
  • Lewis and Clark spot the Pacific Ocean
  • Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsop (Winter 1805-1806)
  • Lewis’ altercation with members of Blackfoot Tribe
  • Corps of Discovery’s triumphant return to St. Louis, Missouri


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