First Step auf Deutsch 107: Visiting in the School Lesson Plan

Lesson Overview

The children return from school with their book bags. They are all tired, so they sit down. They ask how to say the word for school, and they exclaim that they are very tired. Frau Falcone asks to see what is inside the book bag. She comments about its heaviness. Jessica pulls things out of her book bag, and Frau Falcone tells them the name of each item. After Robbie asks for some scissors, Frau Falcone explains how the word is similar to the word “shear,” which is another English word for scissors. Frau Falcone asks Jessica how many books she has, and Jessica replies that she has ten.

Frau Falcone has a large German flag, and they discuss its colors. The students think that the flag is black, red, and yellow. Frau Falcone corrects them, and she says that the yellowish color is referred to as gold. She also gives the students a brief geography lesson about Germany and the surrounding countries. She also includes the major geographic features of the region in her lesson. Frau Falcone uses a blackboard, and she asks the students to draw a cat. She instructs them to first draw a circle, then the ears, the eyes, a nose, and the mouth. After they draw the cat, they pretend that they are in a German classroom. Frau Falcone teaches them the basic classroom commands, such as pay attention, stand up, sit down, raise your right hand, and raise your left hand.

Frau Falcone displays a large map of Germany and the other German-speaking countries, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. She asks the students to place the school objects by certain cities and other geographical places. They review where each object is placed.

Less than 1 hour
Lesson Type
Traditional Lesson



Other Instructional Materials or Notes:

PreK, Kindergarten, 1, 2


school die Schule
flag/flags die Flagge/die Flaggen
map/maps die Landkarte/die Landkarten
blackboard die Tafel
student (masculine/feminine) der Schueler/die Schuelerin
teacher (masculine/feminine) der Lehrer/die Lehrerin
School Supplies die Schulsachen
backpack die Schultasche
colored pencil der Buntstift/die Buntstifte
glue der Klebstoff
paper das Papier
book/books das Buch/die Buecher
scissors die Schere
pencil der Bleistift
ruler das Lineal


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