Legend of Isaqueena | Palmetto Heritage


The Legend of Isaqueena blends fact with fantasy. An Indian trade based out of Ninety Six in the early 1750's grew to become the largest business operating outside of Charleston. Alan assisted with the business. In this story, on one of Alan’s trips to Keowee, he falls in love with Isaqueena, the daughter of one of the tribe Chieftons. Relations between the colonist and Indians were deteriorating with the onset of the French and Indian War in the north. Isaqueena overheard a conversation that the Cherokees planned to attack Ninety Six. She immediately rode her horse to warn Alan of the impending danger. As a result of this warning, most of the people at Ninety Six were able to flee and survive the attack. Isaqueena became an outlaw from her tribe because of the betrayal. One day while Alan was away, a "hit squad" was sent to kill Isaqueena. She fled and leaped over a waterfall. Her pursuers, thinking she was dead, departed. Isaqueena, however, safely landed on a ledge just a few feet below. Isaqueena Falls is located near Stumphouse Tunnel and can be easily visited today.