First Step auf Deutsch 109: Celebrating Holidays Lesson Plan

Lesson Overview

Frau Falcone greets the children at the door. Jessica is happy because she is going on vacation to the lake. When asked about when she is going, Jessica says that she is leaving on Friday. Frau Falcone gets the calendar out, and she shows them the days of the week.

Then, she asks the children what they do on each day of the week. Erin says that on Monday she goes to school. On Tuesday, Robbie plays basketball. On Wednesday Dayne plays baseball, and Jessica reads a book on Thursday. Frau Falcone asks what Jessica will be doing on Friday, and the children answer that she will be going to the lake. Jessica explains that she’s going on vacation this weekend because it’s her birthday.

The children draw pictures of the different seasons. They discuss their favorite season, what happens during that season, and what the weather is like then. Dayne draws a picture of summer, when it’s warm. Jessica draws fall, with many multi-colored leaves floating through the air. Robbie draws winter, a mostly white picture with snow falling and a snowman. Emily, who sits by some fresh flowers, drew spring, when flowers bloom.

Frau Falcone asks about the weather during the different seasons, and then she talks about the type of clothing worn during each season. Children have the appropriate clothing on for their favorite season, and they model the clothes as they tell about their particular season. This is a review of clothing from lesson #5.

Frau Falcone tells the children about the celebration of Christmas in Germany.

Less than 1 hour
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Traditional Lesson



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PreK, Kindergarten, 1, 2


Days of the Week Die Tage der Woche
Monday der Montag
Tuesday der Dienstag
Wednesday die Mittwoch
Thursday der Donnerstag
Friday der Freitag
Saturday der Samstag
Sunday der Sonntag
What day is today? Welcher Tag ist heute?
Today is . . . Heute ist . . .
Seasons die Jahreszeiten
Spring der Fruehling
Summer der Sommer
Fall/Autumn der Herbst
Winter der Winter
What's the weather like? Wie ist das Wetter?
It's cold. Es ist kalt.
It's hot. Es ist heiss.
It's sunny. Es ist sonnig.
It's raining. Es regnet.
It's windy. Es ist windig.
Holidays die Feiertage
Christmas Weihnachten
Santa Claus der Weihnachtsmann(comes on December 24th)
St. Nicolas Day  der Nikolaus (comes on St. Nikolaustag which is on Dec. 6th -- St. Nickolaus' Birthday)
Christmas Tree  der Tannenbaum (the recognized translation, however der Weihnactsbaum is the literal translation and both are used)
Gift/Gifts  das Geschenk/die Geschenke


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