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Summer is a great time for students to explore and engage with content that is new to them! This month, we are featuring our Science and Math content, in two separate blogs. We hope that students of all ages will enjoy exploring these resources throughout the summer months!


Asynchronous Studio Lessons

Produced by South Carolina ETV in partnership with SC Department of Education to enhance the At-Home Learning schedule.


Auntie Karen’s Place

Bear and Bull talk about creating a budget and how to save money.


Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind

The first series features a Panel Discussion with the artists, and the second series consists of bios of each artist. Both series reveal numerous details about these careers in the arts, as well as the educational requirements, and the technology and soft skills utilized in each field.


Eye Wonder

The series explores science and integrates technology, while focusing on various careers. The videos are less than 10 minutes and are filmed through the eyes of the cameraman, D.V.


Growing Up with Smart Cat


Hobby Shop

The place for hands-on math and science activities and games.


Kids Work!

A virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience that connects school work to real work.

(Math-related content)


Making Dollars from Sense

Series provides students the information they need to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about earning, saving and spending money.


Mapping of Kosciuszko’s Tunnel

A documentary highlighting the story of the Kosciuszko tunnel and the technology behind the 3D mapping and preservation efforts concerning the little known tunnel that is a part of the Ninety Six National Historic Site in Ninety Six, South Carolina. The Mapping of Kosciuszko’s Tunnel project is collaboration between SCETV, The University of South Florida (USF), The Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST) and the National Park Service.


Math in the Middle of Design

Hosted by Betty Gasque, a nationally recognized mathematics educator, Math in the Middle of Design provides the opportunity and resources to explore mathematics applications in a real-world context. Students will learn how to link mathematics to other curriculum areas, including science, music, and more. It features selected guests who talk about how they use math in their jobs.


Math in the Middle of Motion

This series provides the opportunity and resources to explore mathematics applications in a real-world context, and to link mathematics to other curriculum areas, including science, music, and more. It features selected guests who talk about how they use math in their jobs.


NASA Online

Find award-winning science, math and technology videos and interactives for grades K-12 produced by NASA and provided for distribution to South Carolina ETV's Knowitall.


Programs in the series establish a connection between the mathematics, science, and technology concepts taught in the classroom to those used every day by NASA researchers. The lesson guide, containing a hands-on activity and the web-based application reinforce and extend the objectives presented in the program.

NASA CONNECT Math Simulations


Project Discovery Revisited

A race around the world . . . in a boat 40 to 60 feet in length . . . ALONE. This event, which began in 1982, occurs every four years and starts in Charleston, South Carolina. The course consists of four legs -- three land stops in South Africa, New Zealand, and Uruguay, and finally back to Charleston. The winner of the 27,000-mile race is determined by the total amount of time it takes for skippers to complete each of the four legs.

The skippers each have a support crew on land that travels around the world to meet them at each of the land stops. The crew repairs the broken parts of the boat when it comes into port. It takes four years to prepare the boat for the race, during which time preparations to the equipment are made and company sponsorships are obtained.

Neal Peterson invites viewers aboard his boat, No Barriers. Neal explains that math and physics are very important in sailing and navigating the boat. He also explains the parts of the boat that are integral to sailing. The shroud bends the mast backwards through the block-and-tackle system. A spinnaker is a large colorful sail that is used to move the boat in downwind conditions. Navigation helps the skipper locate by latitude and longitude, using a chart and a compass as well as GPS. Neal also shows students how to cook, generate power, and live on the boat while it is moving.


Triangles |Standard Deviants TV

This program covers triangles, inductive and deductive reasoning, a postulate, a theorem, a proof table, angles, acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, straight angles, a vertex, equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles, scalene triangles, equiangular triangles, the hypotenuse




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