Honor a Vet on Veteran's Day

Lesson Overview

This lesson will explain the beginnings of Veteran's Day as an annual celebration in the United States, as well as familiarizing students with the 5 main branches of the Armed Services.  Excellent videos which illustrate the ways many schools and communities honor veterans give great ideas.  Also, these videos are moving and will be a great jumping-off point for discussing the variety of sacrifices veterans make, ways to honor them in  communities and  alsoget a basic background knowledge of the wars in which our living veterans have served.  Photos of Veterans' Memorial sites are also included.

Multiple days
Lesson Type
Project Based Lesson

Essential Question

Why do we celebrate November 11th as Veterans' Day in the U.S.?  And how can we understand better the lifestyles soldiers must live,  and sacrifices that military men, women, and families must make in order to ensure our country's safety?  And what are some ways can we show them that we each appreciate their service to our country?