Environmental Design | Math in the Middle of Design


Thanks to environmental designers and planners, many natural areas are being preserved for future generations. Learn what an environmental designer does and how their work benefits us?

Meet Chuck Flink, President of Greenways, Inc in Cary, NC.  He describes that the work environmental designers do is similar to landscape design work, but the focus is more on environmental issues. They focus on open space, parks, freeways, water, etc.

In this show, we will also take a look at how cost effective it is to use recycled products. A comparison study is done between the price of products of recycled materials vs. products of conventional materials.

We visit the Congaree Swamp National Monument and talk to the Park Ranger/ Naturalist Fran Rametta from the National Park Service. Learn how an area of land becomes a national park. Rametta states that, "It has to have a national uniqueness to it." There are usually three reasons with (1) being its an ancient forest with little or no record of tree cutting, (2) a variety of animals live in the forest and  (3) there are some of the tallest trees in the state.

Visit Alice Drive Middle School where math students designed a project to enhance the beauty of their school.