Around Alone, Part 2 | Project Discovery Revisited


Students at Laing Middle School followed the progress of the race. They used the Internet to track the skippers. They learned about oceans, stopovers, satellite photography, weather, geography, and technology.

Neal Petersen, from South Africa, is one of the skippers that the students followed. This part of the program features an interview with the skipper during the last leg of the race and shows his reunion with his family. Neal also has an exchange of artifacts from students in Charleston to give to students in South Africa.

Search and rescue is divided into regions. ANVIR is a record of where a distressed ship is located. Giovanni Soldini, whose boat was closest, rescued Isabelle when she was in distress. Maritime Rescue Coordination Systems receive information on signals to rescue boats in distress.

The finish line is between buoys 7 and 8 off the Charleston Harbor. Giovanni Soldini won this race in 117 days.

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