Industrial and Ergonomical Design | Math in the Middle of Design


Have you wondered who designs the wonderful devices you enjoy like cars, dishwashers and telephones? You owe thanks to an industrial designer.  Is there a difference between an industrial engineer and an industrial designer? 

Meet Tom Price, an Industrial Designer at Protective Packaging in Lugoff, S.C. When a client requests a product, measurements for the size of the box is very important. A prototype for the size is created for the customer to approve. The size determines the printing process and the final delivery for the customer. Calculating measurement is important for ensuring a quality project.

Meet Joseph Montgomery, an Industrial Designer and founder of Cannondale. This company uses mathematics to determine the design for their aluminum mountain bicycles.

Learn about ergonomics which is the scientific discipline concerned with aspects of humans and engineering on everyday devices. Professionals who work with ergonomics are also known as "Human Factors Engineers."