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October 2020 on!

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In October, we feature content for Archaeology Month, Health Literacy Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, National Book Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month, which continues through October 15. We offer content for Fire Prevention Week/Month, International Day of Non-Violence, MFG Day, World Space Week, National Child Health Day, World Habitat Day, World Teacher’s Day, International Day of the Girl, Indigenous People’s Day (Native American Day), National Farmer’s Day,  America’s Safe Schools Week,  National School Bus Safety Week, National Pharmacy Technician Day, Mole Day, National Paralegal Day, United Nations Day, Media Literacy Week, National First Responders Day, National Cat Day, plus three series of Carolina Stories: Ghosts & Legends of South Carolina for Halloween!

It’s an exciting month as we await the completion of our new website that will combine all resources previously available on plus lesson plans from our LearningWhy website – all in one place!


South Carolina African American History Calendar:

October Honoree – George Rogers

George Rogers, a native of Duluth, Ga., has always had a love for football. A standout at Duluth High School, Rogers decided to attend the University of South Carolina when coach Jim Carlen told him that he could play in his freshman year.

Rogers rushed for 623 yards as a freshman and then tallied 1,006 yards as a sophomore while splitting time with Johnnie Wright. However, Rogers’ junior season launched him into the national spotlight. He finished with 1,681 yards and eight touchdowns to earn All-American honors.

During his senior year, Rogers led the nation in rushing with 1,781 yards while scoring 14 touchdowns and unanimously earning All-American honors. In December 1980, Rogers bested University of Pittsburgh defensive lineman Hugh Green and University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker to win the Heisman trophy. Rogers is the first and only college football athlete in the state of South Carolina to win the Heisman.

Selected as the first overall pick in the National Football League (NFL) draft by the New Orleans Saints in 1981, Rogers spent seven seasons in the NFL. He rushed for 1,674 yards as a rookie, which ranks second all-time to Eric Dickerson on the single-season, rookie rushing yards record. Rogers played four seasons with the New Orleans Saints and three with the Washington Redskins, where he won a Super Bowl title in 1987. Rogers retired after the 1987 season and finished his NFL career with 7,176 rushing yards and 54 touchdowns.

Rogers is the first in his immediate family to attend and graduate from college. He created an endowment to the University of South Carolina, and as a way of paying it forward, started the George Rogers Foundation of the Carolinas, Inc., in 1991. The foundation provides financial assistance to first-generation college students and supports community-based youth development, non-profit organizations. His foundation made a $75,000 commitment to the University of South Carolina Student Athlete Promise Fund, which helps former student-athletes return to complete their degrees.

Rogers is a member of the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame, Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, South Carolina Football Hall of Fame, Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame and his number 38 is retired at the University of South Carolina. A statue of Rogers was dedicated at the University of South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium in 2015.

Presented through a partnership between the South Carolina Department of Education and South Carolina ETV

View the series on here

Download the SC African American History Calendar here.




Archaeology Month – View our Archaeology Collection!

Our partnership with SC DNR and the South Carolina Heritage Trust makes it possible for us to offer Archaeo-Tech and The Ring People on! View these two series and the full collection below!


Investigating the Ring People in the coastal zone requires scientists of many disciplines. The technology of archeology is far beyond shovels.

The Ring People

 Forty centuries ago, American Indians left their mark on the landscape of coastal South Carolina. Today, archaeologists from South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), a dozen universities and the National Park Service search for clues to our earliest-known coastal dwellers. The story takes viewers to remote sites as scientists discover the ancient South Carolinians who built monumental rings of shell.

Additional Series

Be sure to view the individual assets from the collection hereJust scroll down below the Series titles.


Health Literacy Month - View our Knowitall Healthy! Collection

As cold and flu seasons begin, please take a look at our Knowitall Healthy! Collection, which instills sound health practices that can be utilized throughout the year. The Series in this Collection include these and more!




National Bullying Prevention Month – View Project Lead SC and Palmetto Voices

Unity Day/Bullying Prevention Day – Oct. 21

Traditionally held the first week in October, the event has been expanded to include activities, education, and awareness building for the entire month. 

From Middle School to High School, teenage girls face unique pressures every day. Between issues with bullying, body image, boys, friends and “frenemies,” life during that awkward transitional period can feel like it’s filled with challenges. It’s important our girls have role models, people to look up to, think about, and speak with to help navigate those land mines. Project Lead South Carolina is a video series for young women that follows notable women in South Carolina to gather advice about what makes a successful leader. 

Palmetto Voices looks to female leaders in South Carolina to share the experiences, skills and decisions that have brought them success. These voices of the Palmetto State offer advice and suggestions for excellence in various career clusters and fields of study.


National Book Month – Visit Our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection

Visit your school library, public library & our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection during National Book Month, TeenTober & National Friends of Libraries Week!


View the resources in the Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection and see what may be of interest to teens you know and love!

National Friends of Libraries Week - Oct. 18-24, 2020



*Some series have rights restrictions and are available exclusively to South Carolina educators. To gain access to these resources, please register for a FREE LearningWhy account. One account provides access to both LearningWhy and the password-protected Knowitall resources!

*When our new website is available, combining resources from LearningWhy into, only one log-in will be needed.



Some titles require that SC teachers register for a FREE LearningWhy account to gain access. Some titles are not available to users outside of SC.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Journalists Natalie Caula-Hauff, Jennifer Berry Hawes, and Glenn Smith of the Charleston Post and Courier discuss the series, Till Death Do Us Part, published in August 2014. The series won the Pulitzer Prize in Public Service Journalism in 2015.

For Peggy Logan, a.k.a. Tabu Hazel, there is power in poetry. As a spoken word artist she is an advocate who promotes awareness of cancer, domestic violence, homelessness and sexual assault. Her number one goal is to change lives with words.

South Carolina continues to rank at the top when it comes to domestic violence and women killed by men. Research shows teenagers are also experiencing abuse, but have less protection when it comes to the law. Here's more information on the important issue of teen dating violence.


Hispanic Heritage Month Continues Through Oct. 15  – View the Collection!

View the wide assortment of content in this Collection and learn about our Hispanic heritage, including these titles and more!






International Day of Non-Violence – Oct. 2


MFG Day (Manufacturing Day) – Oct. 2


Fire Prevention Week – Oct. 4-10, 2020


World Space Week – Oct. 4 -10, 2020


National Child Health Day – Oct. 5

Topics include:


World Habitat Day – Oct. 5

The United Nations designated the first Monday of October of every year as World Habitat Day to reflect on the state of our towns and cities, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. The Day is also intended to remind the world that we all have the power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. "Solutions begin with small steps individuals can take to alter the way our cities function. We must reduce the amount of waste we produce, and, at the same time, start seeing it as a valuable resource that can be re-used and recycled, including for energy." — UN Secretary-General António Guterres


World Teacher’s Day – Oct. 5

Let your favorite teacher know how special he or she is and how much you appreciate his or her decision to go into education!  Say thank you!

Learn something new every day from and make your teacher proud! Try out our October Factoids! You may be surprised at what you’ll find!


International Day of the Girl - Oct. 11, 2020

View these Series & Collections that place the spotlight on women who have made a difference!





Indigenous People’s Day (Native American Day) - Oct. 12


National Farmer’s Day – Oct. 12


America’s Safe Schools Week – Oct. 18-24

Keep It Real (for ages 14 and up)

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Teens learn about the real-life consequences of trauma-related incidents and how they can be avoided.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Young people are shown exactly what happens to a patient during a visit to the ER after a trauma-related incident.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

The Keep It Real team meets a teen, Wimberly, and her family, who have had first-hand experience with a trauma-related incident.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Keep It Real shows teens the after-effects and consequences of a reckless trauma-related incident.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

The Keep It Real team is taken to the morgue, where they learn that many teens who are involved in trauma related accidents never make it home to their families.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Keep It Real looks at shootings and homicides in relation to teenagers, and the Keep It Real teens begin to discuss their reactions to the experience.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

The Keep It Real teens discuss their final thoughts after the Keep It Real experience.

Produced and Hosted by Joshua and Brandon

Our video gives teenagers a brief look at the legal consequences of risky behavior. We show the DUI booking process at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and speak to Michael McMullin, a lawyer who has seen how crimes affect kids’ lives. We decided that most teens haven’t really been taught about the consequences that come from their actions. Our hope is that this program will give them a brief look at what might happen to them, and therefore encourage good decision-making.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, viewer discretion is advised.

Written and Directed by Mary Katherine

I decided to make my film about the consequences of actions that some teens make. It shows what can happen when people make reckless choices about their lives. It stars my sister, Sara, as a reckless teenager. It shows the different choices she makes and how each can have a fatal result.

Recently there has been an uproar over gang activity among students on the streets mostly but also inside the hallways in the South Carolina area.


Reading Safety and Internet Safety Minutes

Reading makes you cool!

Officer Marlo McCann reviews why NOT to approach a stranger.

Officer Marlo McCann explains what can happen if you send a threatening email or text.

Find one of the benefits of reading and being smart in this short video.

Officer Andre Offing explains what to do when provoked by a kidnapper.

Officer Andre Offing explains why not to believe profiles on the internet.


Safe Students Safe Schools

Produced by ETV, these short dramatizations are part of the Partnership Training for Law Enforcement and Education course and can be used with students to initiate discussion. Teachers are advised to preview these videos for scenes and content that may not be appropriate for use in their classroom. 


Safety City

Presented by the SC Department of Public Safety and ETV, these short programs are designed to provide a safety message to young students and may be used for older children, especially special education students. 

This lesson covers what to do if your house is on fire and what to do if the room has smoke in it. Students will also learn when it's safe to exit a room and what to tell the 911 operator.

This lesson covers the three things you must do before crossing the street. Pedestrian Crosswalk signs, were to walk when walking along a road and what to wear while walking is also covered.

This lesson covers how to approach a bus, when to board a bus and why it's important to look both ways before boarding the bus.


Youth Services

This interactive workshop will explore new trends in underage alcohol use. Current information on teen alcohol use will be presented, along with a review of emerging products. Participants will analyze a variety of products and examine advertisers’ role in marketing alcoholic beverages to youth to enable understanding of the scope of underage drinking both locally and nationally, 

Addresses the dangers for teen drivers involved with texting. Other safety tips are discussed.


Safety Collection | Knowitall Healthy! (view additional resources below)

 Crystal Ball Cruise is a program to provide safe transportation to and from prom nights in the area. 

Find out about a paramedic's career and how this Helper assists in emergency situations.

South Carolina continues to rank at the top when it comes to domestic violence and women killed by men. Research shows teenagers are also experiencing abuse, but have less protection when it comes to the law.

Program provides a definition of human trafficking. 

*If you believe you know of someone who may be a victim of human trafficking, please contact local law enforcement or the NHTRC (National Human Trafficking Resource Center) Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.


National School Bus Safety Week  - Oct. 19-23

This lesson covers how to approach a bus, when to board a bus and why it's important to look both ways before boarding the bus.


National Pharmacy Technician Day – Oct. 20


Mole Day - Oct. 23

A day on which we hope to encourage interest in chemistry. 

Additional profiles on chemists are available by searching “chemist” or simply click here!


National Paralegal Day – Oct. 23


United Nations Day - Oct. 24, 2019 - Visit “Periscope


Media Literacy Week - Oct. 26-30
Be sure to explore these resources related to Media Literacy!
In Artopia: Media Arts: Be A Media Critic, take a closer look at types of media like photography, radio, film, and television.

For more information on Media Literacy, visit these websites: Media Literacy Clearinghouse and NAMLE (National Association for Media Literacy Education).


National First Responders Day - Oct. 28

Emergency/Medical Care




National Cat Day – Oct. 29


For Halloween - Oct. 31 - View our “Ghosts and Legends of South Carolina”

We have some great ghost stories that will captivate your students! From Alice of the Hermitage to Bubba, from Lizard Man to Stumphouse Tunnel, these stories will “shiver your timbers!”

Carolina Stories



If we were able to spark your curiosity with the resources listed above, please continue to view additional resources that are available on!


*South Carolina educators: To gain access to titles that are accessible to SC teachers, please create an account in LearningWhy. When the new website is available, combining the LearningWhy resources into Knowitall, only one log-in will be needed.

180 Days: Hartsville 

A Minute with Miles 

America At Its Best

America On the Move

American Graduate 



Ask an Author 

Auntie Karen’s Place 

Baker’s Dozen

Between the Waters 

Beyond Barbados: The Carolina Connection 

Big Picture 

Blythewood History 

Career Aisle - Career Explorations! Collection (Included  here because it contains a number of Series) 

Career Aisle Technology Education Center Videos 

Carolina Classrooms 

Carolina Money 

Carolina Stories 

Character Minutes 

Circle of Inheritance 

Climate Change 

Club Write

Congaree Swamp Stories 

Conversations on SC History 

Conversations with SC Writers 

Conversations with Scientists & Astronauts 

Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind 

Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind 

Cursive Handwriting A

Cursive Handwriting B

Destination: SC Parks 

Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery 

Digital Traditions 

diSCovering Science 

Earth Today 

Earth Today Kid Minutes 

EdAware: Eat Smart, Move More 

Environmental Ed 

Environmental Minutes 

ETV Shorts 

ETV Stock Market Program 

Expeditions Shorts 

Eye on the Past 

Eye Wonder 

Factoids by the Month 

Facts of Congress

Flight School

Flu PSAs – Illness Prevention Tips & Wash Hands Song 

Foreign Language Scholastic Series – French

Foreign Language Scholastic Series – Spanish

Foreign Language: French 

Foreign language: German 

Foreign Language: Spanish 

Generations of Heroes 

Gettysburg: The Soldier’s Battle


Hanover House 

Healthy Hannah’s Healthy Choice Heroes 

Hirsch Armory Panels 

History In A Nutshell 

History of Arts Education in SC 

History of SC Slide Collection 

Hobby Shop 

Holocaust Forum 

Hot Jobs 

I Made It…You Can, Too 

Idella Bodie’s Ghost Tour: A Writer’s Guide 

Idella Bodie’s SC Women 

Inevitable Evolution of Fort Frederick 

Inside Storytelling 

James Otis Lecture Series 

Journey to Living Labs

Keep It Real (for ages 14 and up) 

Kids Work! 

La Ropa Sucia 

Legacy of Leadership 

Let’s Go! 

Let’s Go! CAREERS 

Letter TV

Letter TV II

Letter TV III

Lexington County Courthouse: 200 Years of Service 

Literary Tour of South Carolina 

Magical Theater of Music 

Making Dollars From $ense 

Making It Grow 

Mama Phonics 

Math in the Middle of Design 

Math in the Middle of Motion 

Meet the Helpers 

Mia’s Music

NASA Online 

Natural State 

Nature Comes Back – 25 Years After Chernobyl 

Nature Notes with Rudy Mancke 


On the Other Hand 

Original SC 

Palmetto Heritage 

Palmetto Leaders 

Palmetto Places 

Palmetto Scene 

Palmetto Special 

Palmetto Voices 

Parks Adventures Minutes 

Pee Dee Explorer 


Planter at the Gate 

Posie Paints

Powder Magazine Museum 

Primitive Tools 

Project Discovery 

Project Discovery Revisited 

Project Lead SC 

Reading, Safety & Internet Safety Minutes 

Ready To Vote 

Reconstruction 360 

Ring People 

Riverbanks Roundup 

Riverbanks Roundup Bits 


Road Trip Through SC Civil Rights History 

Safe Students Safe Schools 

Safety City 

Sandlapper Online 

Sandlapper’s Corner 

SC Life 

SCETV Series & Specials  

Scholastic American History Series

Scholastic Children’s Stories

Science Splash 

SciShorts in Foreign Language 

Short Takes with Naturalist Rudy Mancke 

Smart Cat: Exercise with Smart Cat 

South Carolina African American History Calendar 

South Carolina Elects Its Leaders 

South Carolina Geography 

South Carolina Hall of Fame 

South Carolina Public Radio - Podcasts 

South Carolina State House Specials: Legends and Legacy 

South Carolinians in WWII 

Southern Campaign of the American Revolution 

Standard Deviants TV

Stories Behind the Carols We Love to Sing 

Storytime with SCETV 

Take on the South 

Teaching American History in SC 

Tick Tock Minutes

Tune Up to Literacy 

Turner to Cézanne 

Tuskegee Airmen 

Walter Edgar’s Journal 

Web of Water 

What Works SC 

Where the Jobs Are: Exploring Career Clusters 

Wilkins Awards 

Women Vision SC 

World War I Symposium – Lander University 

Your Path, Your Journey 

Youth Services 

Zoo Minutes  




Our Collections allow you to zero-in on topics that are of interest to you during monthly observations or at any time during the year! 

About Persons with Disabilities 

African American History 

All Interactives 

Animal Lovers 


Armed Forces Day 

Career Explorations! 

Confederate Flag, SC History 

Constitution Day 

Dive in…to Knowitall 

Environmental Awareness 

ETV StreamlineSC 

Explore South Carolina 

Ghosts & Legends of SC 


Higher Education & Workforce Development 

Hispanic Heritage 


Holocaust Remembrance 


Knowitall Factoids by Month 

Knowitall Healthy! 

Knowitall Interns 

Libraries, Literature & Learning 

Martin Luther King 

Memorial Day 

Music Collection 

Native American Heritage 

Noted South Carolinians 


Professional Development 

Programs for Students 

Public Media Partnerships 

Remembering 9/11 

South Carolina Counties 

Space Exploration 

Sports in South Carolina 

Student Gallery 

Teacher Resources 


Veterans Day 

Virtual Field Trips & Tours 

Wars & Conflicts 

What’s New! 

Women in Leadership 

Women’s History 



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