Southern Campaign

The Southern Campaign was critical in determining the outcome of the American Revolutionary War, yet the South’s importance has been downplayed in most historical accounts to date.  

Grades 6-12

Eight online educational lessons are based around short video segments produced in a documentary style, consisting of historical reenactments, demonstrations, interviews with historians, period artifacts and music, artistic renderings, and maps. 

South Carolina ETV, The National Park Service, The Self Family FoundationThe George Washington Endowment Fund of the National Society of the Sons of the American RevolutionThe South Carolina State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and The ETV Endowment of South Carolina (a contribution from Dr. Charles B. Hanna) collaborated to tell the stories of The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.



National Parks Service

National Parks Service

Teaching with Historic Places through the National Parks Service offers a series of more than 160 classroom-ready lesson plans (7 specifically for SC) that use historic sites as a means for exploring...