Laura Buff, Fantasy Doll Maker & Music Teacher | Original SC


For Laura Buff, its not about knowing the odds. She teaches 5th Grade orchestra and says that every student that walks into her class has a clean slate. Music and art are passions of hers. The arts are something that Buff has always treasured, even at a young age.

Her grandmother was a china doll maker and made a huge impression on Buff. She learned how to take old Barbie dolls and remake them into dolls that she wanted to see. This led her to start creating fantasy dolls, something she continues to do today.

Buff has won 2 awards from the Dragon Con Art Show, one for Best Textile and the other for Best Doll.

Each of her creations has a story, which Buff says can help to determine many of the details of the doll. Her blog holds many of the adventures of her designs, from fashions to action figures.

Buff hopes to make an impact with her art and with her orchestra students. She works every day to inspire them to be themselves and follow their heart. It's a message of love from a teacher who is changing the world.