Steven Bowers, 9-1-1 Compliance Manager | Let's Go! CAREERS


Major Steven Bowers is the Compliance Manager at Lexington County 9-1-1 Communications. He started working for Lexington County Communications about eight years ago. Bowers explains he is one of the
rare few that actually started in the field. A former paramedic, he moved into 9-1-1 after an injury.

Day-to-day 9-1-1 do a lot of different things. Call takers and dispatchers take emergency calls and non-emergency calls. They send help in the form of fire, EMS and police. In his position, Bowers specifically does quality assurance and case reviews, which includes reviewing phone calls and making sure everyone's doing everything accordingly.

Bower states, "I like the fact that we get to help people...We're that first line of defense for you."

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