Blythewood History


In 2017, Modos Media was asked to produce a film telling the story of the African-American history of Blythewood, South Carolina These films tell that story as told by six women representing some of the most well known families that have lived in Blythewood for many generations. The stories cross many generations of their families and reflect the translation of the big events of American history both good and bad, via their families’ personal experiences. The stories are inspiring, disturbing and empowering. We hear of families and their neighbors, building a better future from the days following emancipation, sharecropping, working together to create the first black high school in the area, encouraging friends and neighbors to register to vote, despite occasional fierce and frightening opposition, and so much more. Through the lens of Blythewood, we see the story of the south in America.

The film was produced by Raymond Smith and filmed and edited by Andrew Smith for the Town of Blythewood in 2017. Thanks also to Larry Griffin and Malcolm Gordge for asking us to make this film.

Modos Media