Angela Still, Prison Yoga Teacher | Original SC


“Be here now or nowhere.” It’s a quote Angela Still lives by. Living presently is important to this busy mom of three. At every part of life, she seems to take on challenges head-on. Among her laundry list of to-dos, Still teaches English at an alternative school. Along the way, she became a certified yoga instructor and now teaches yoga in the college curriculum. It’s all a part of her path through yoga, karma yoga. Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless service.

This service led Still into another type of yoga…prison yoga. She become a certified yoga teacher for the Prison Yoga Project and now travels to prisons throughout South Carolina, leading yoga classes for the incarcerated. All of this is done free of charge and out of love from Still. Her only hope is to help those who can benefit from the process of doing yoga. 

The  is set up to bring about behavioral change in prisoners. According to Still, the feedback she has gotten from the participants has been great. She hopes to spread the word about thinking before reacting and living in the present. Through yoga, she hopes to meet prisoners, showing empathy and respect.