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For Educators, Parents and Students

New Fads in Teen Alcohol Use with Kristy A. Stoneburner, MPH, CHES, CPP. Ms. Stoneburner is Program Coordinator for Lexington One Community Coalition (LOCC). This interactive workshop will explore new trends in underage alcohol use. Current information on teen alcohol use will be presented, along with a review of emerging products. Participants will analyze a variety of products and examine advertisers’ role in marketing alcoholic beverages to youth to enable understanding of the scope of underage drinking both locally and nationally, examine the role of the environment on underage alcohol use and identify new trends in underage alcohol use.

Youth Services, a SCDE Professional Development series, was coordinated by Kimberly W. Smith, Education Associate, Safe and Drug-Free Schools in SCDE Office of Youth Services. For more information, contact Kimberly at