Hanover House

The Hanover House once housed the St. Julien-Ravenel family. Originally constructed near Charleston, in present day Berkeley County, South Carolina, the home was moved to Clemson University upon the creation of Lake Moultrie. 

This special chronicles the history and cultural contributions tied to the home. The St. Julien family, part of the French Huguenot exodus, fled from France to escape political and religious persecution.  The St. Juliens emigrated to Charleston, South Carolina, where they built their plantation, and made their fortune.  The impacts and contributions made by African Americans can still be seen today in South Carolina's low country. Rice was the main cash crop in South Carolina's early history, and many of the low country's swampy marshlands started out as rice fields. Once the home came under the care of Clemson University, great efforts were made to dismantle the home, move, rebuild it, and restore the home to its former glory. 

Photo of the Hanover House, now located in Pickens County, S.C.