Julianna Hendrix, 9-1-1 Communications Assistant Manager | Lets Go! CAREERS


Julianna Hendrix holds the rank of lieutenant at Lexington County 9-1-1 Communications. She grew up with a public safety background. Many of her family members are in public safety and she had a family member encourage her to also pursue a career in public safety.

As a lieutenant, she hold an assistant supervisor role, where she works under a captain. She assists the captain with administrative duties, technical dispatching, call taking and assist with training call takers and dispatchers.

"One of the most challenging things that we can come across in our job is that we are dealing with people at their heaviest moments. On top of that, we're often doing it at a high pace, at a high rate and we're multi-tasking on top of that."

Hendrix encourages students interested in public safety to research. "Know that you are going to be multi-tasking and that you are constantly going to be active listening to things going on in the background of certain calls and also things that are happening. Once you finish a phone call, know that they are going to be responders handling the situation that you took."

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