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"As a woman in a male-dominated field, always be assertive. Strive to do more, learn more and find your talents and be confident with those."

Ashley Dougherty is the Chief Scientific Officer at Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. She has always been interested in science and math since elementary school. Her favorite time of the year was always science fair season when she could think of an experiment and test her hypothesis at school. She really discovered her passion for science in high school chemistry. 

She received her Bachelors in Science at the University of South Carolina in Chemistry. Later she attended graduate school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she received a PhD in Chemistry. 

Ashley is proud to have a company like Nephron in her home state of South Carolina. She started as a Chemist and grew in her career to now being a Chief Scientific Officer. In Nephron, no day is ever the same, which isvwhat she loves. 

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation provides patients reliable access to affordable, high-quality medications using innovative approaches to sterile manufacturing.



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