Carolina Classrooms

Grades 9-12

Carolina Classrooms is ETV's monthly educational series for teachers, parents and all citizens invested in the education of our children. Each program focuses on key educational topics and initiatives in our state.

Closed captioning has been provided for these broadcast segments.

Applying for College | Carolina Classrooms


College admissions professionals from around the state participated in a panel discussion hosted by ETV’s Kimberly Singletary. They discussed how students can plan for and prepare to apply for college...
College Application Process | Carolina Classrooms


In this segment from Carolina Classrooms: Making College Affordable, Scott Verzyl, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean for Undergraduate Admissions at the University of South Carolina...
Finding Jobs | Carolina Classrooms


In this segment of Carolina Classrooms, Timothy Keown, Director of the Education Center at the John De La Howe School for Agriculture, Stephen Mason, Associate Vice President for Economic and...