Holocaust Timeline

Learn the series of events that led to the Holocaust and related events that occurred during this period..



January 30: Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany.

March 5: Hitler receives strong vote of confidence from German people in Reichstag elections.

March 24: Reichstag gives Hitler power to enact laws on its behalf.

April 7: Jews barred from German civil service.

April 25: Number of Jewish children admitted to German schools and universities reduced.

May 10: Books by Jews and opponents of Nazism burned publicly.

October 19: Germany withdraws from League of Nations.



August 3: Hitler declares himself president and chancellor of the Third Reich after death of Paul von Hindenburg.



January 13: Saar region annexed by Germany.

March 16: Hitler violates Versailles Treaty by renewing compulsory military draft in Germany.

March 17: German army enters Rhineland.

September 15: Nuremberg Laws deprive Jews of German citizenship.



March 3: Jewish doctors no longer permitted to practice in government institutions in Germany.

March 7: Jews no longer have the right to participate in German elections. German army reoccupies Rhineland.

August 1: Olympic Games open in Berlin. Signs reading "Jews Not Welcome" are temporarily removed from most public places by Hitler's orders.



July 16: Buchenwald concentration camp opens.

November 16: Jews can obtain passports for travel outside of Germany only in special cases.



March 13: Austria annexed by Germany.

July 23: German government announces Jews must carry identification cards.

November 7: Attempt made by Herschel Grynszpan to assassinate German diplomat in Paris.

November 9: Kristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass, anti-Jewish riots in Germany and Austria, takes place.

November 12: German Jews ordered to pay one billion Reichsmarks in reparations for damages of Kristallnacht.

November 15: All Jewish children expelled from German schools.



March 15: Germany occupies Czechoslovakia.

August 23: Soviet-German Pact signed.

September 7: German army invades Poland. World War II begins.

November 28: First Polish ghetto established.



April 9: German army occupies Denmark and southern Norway.

May 10: Germany invades Holland, Belgium, and France.

June 22: French army surrenders and signs armistice with Germany.

October 3: Anti-Jewish laws passed by Vichy Government in France.

November 15: Warsaw Ghetto closed off approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

November 20: Hungary, Rumania, and Slovakia join the Axis.



May 15: Rumania passes law condemning adult Jews to forced labor.

June: Vichy Government revokes civil rights of French Jews in North Africa.

June 22: Germany invades Soviet Union.

December 8: Chelmno death camp opened near Lodz, Poland.



January 20: Wansee Conference begins.

June 1: Treblinka death camp opens.

July 28: Jewish fighting organization set up in Warsaw Ghetto.

October 4: All Jews still in concentration camps in Germany are sent to death camp at Auschwitz.



April 19: Warsaw Ghetto revolt begins.

June: Nazis order all ghettos in Poland and Soviet Union liquidated.

July 24: Revolt in Italy; Mussolini deposed.

August 2: Armed revolt in Treblinka death camp.

October 2: Order for the expulsion of Danish Jews. Through rescue operations of Danish undergound, 7000 Jews evacuated to Sweden; only 475 people captured by Germans.

October 14: Armed revolt in Sobibor death camp.



March 19: German army invades Hungary.

May 15: Deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz begins.

June 6: Allied invasion of Normandy.

July 20: Group of German officers attempt to assassinate Hitler.

July 24: Russians liberate Maidanek death camp.



January 17: Evacuation of Auschwitz; prisoners begin death march.

April: Russian army enters Germany from east; Allied army enters from the west.

April 30: Hitler commits suicide.

May 8: Germany surrenders.

November: Nuremberg Trials begin.



December: Adolf Eichmann executed in Israel.



February: Legislation passed in Germany to allow prosecution of Nazi war criminals to be extended for additional 20-year-period.



May: Klaus Barbie trial begins in Lyons, France.



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