Survival | Seared Souls: S.C. Voices of the Holocaust - Episode 9


Holocaust survivors discuss the determination that was required to survive under the horrid conditions. They discuss the gas chambers, the starvation, and illness, and waking up with a corpse next to them. Some people would go to the wire (the fence), intentionally to be shot. The story of sisters being reunited, only briefly, is told.

As Germany lost ground to Allied Forces, the Nazi SS transferred Jews from camp to camp. Death marches began for prisoners barely clinging to life. The story of two friends being offered a ride on a horse-drawn flatbed, but refusing to ride, is told. After the horses took off, submachine gun fire rang out. On a train with about 150 people packed into a wagon, standing for ten days, some died. Snow that was scooped up allowed some to survive. People went crazy and behaved like animals. Only about 20 survived. Fighter planes began shooting, and some were able to escape and run amid a hail of bullets. A lost bottle of cod liver oil became a delicacy that preserved life.