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Max Heller was born in Vienna in 1919 into an orthodox Jewish home. His father was a businessman. Heller drew strength from the Jewish community and from non-Jewish friends. Due to anti-Semitism, however, Heller had to fight his way through school and the streets. When Hitler came to power in 1933, there were unimaginable stories. Jewish businesses were confiscated. Jews were not allowed to work or to intermarry. Jewish bank accounts were closed. Jews were made to clean the streets and thrown out of their apartments and businesses. Jewish people were forced into concentration camps where they underwent severe cruelty. Heller and a sister set sights for America in 1938. As they drove away, they became very sad as they watched their parents get smaller and smaller. "American leadership, genius, willingness to bleed, and to liberate Europe saved us from Hitler. Freedom is not free, but earned; to continue, it must be shared everyday."

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