The Gathering Storm | Seared Souls: S.C. Voices of the Holocaust - Episode 3


Reflections on the anti-Semitism that began and the systematic isolation of Jews over time, taking away their rights, possessions and freedom. Jews were not permitted to join various youth groups. The content of the text books changed. Jews were not permitted in movie theaters, restaurants, and later in public schools, and could not see non-Jewsih doctors. Jews couldn't have a horse, or a cart, or a bicycle. Radios were confiscated. Money in bank accounts had to be deposited into a bank controlled by the Nazis.

On November 10, 1938, Kristallnacht occurred. Nazi stormtroopers burned synagogues. Jewish men were murdered and Jewish women were raped. The heads of households, the men, were arrested and placed into trucks that took them to Dachau.

Archival footage is used as a reference to the reflections provided by each survivor.