The War Begins | Seared Souls: S.C. Voices of the Holocaust - Episode 4


By 1939, after seizing land in Czechoslovakia and promising England's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, that he would remain at peace, Adolf Hitler began World War II. Germany invaded Poland and bombed many targets. The German army came through the towns and burned them, including the homes. The Jews were required to wear the Star of David on their sleeves. If they were out without it and were asked if they were Jewish and they were, they were taken away and shot.

Through her tears, the recollections of a 12-year-old girl whose entire family was taken away, including her siblings and both parents, are shared. The girl's mother insisted that she stay in hiding and told her daughter that she would survive. The girl eventually found the strength to get out of the trunk she was hiding in and go outside. When asked about being Jewish, she lied, saying she was visiting a Jewish friend, and then she ran and ran for miles.






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