Jadzia Stern, Part 1 | S. C Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust


​Those born in Poland knew that people in Europe pointed a finger at Jews all the time; some still do today. When the Germans invaded Poland, some Jews fled with Gentiles or underground, but most were moved to a big ghetto farm. Jadzia Stern was sent to an Auschwitz work camp where conditions were awful. Fellow inmates said to her, "Little girl, you're gonna live. And you must tell the world what the Nazis did to us." Three of her family were the only survivors from their town. Today she constantly lives with the thought of the Holocaust, remembering the thick smoke in the skies of Auschwitz where four million people were murdered. "It's hard to live in peace after that. Our world is in bad shape. And it will be even worse unless each of us learns the lesson of the Holocaust well. Since Auschwitz, we know the evil man is capable of."


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