Rev. George Chassy | S.C. Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust


Reverend George Chassy, an Episcopal priest in Columbia, joined the Air Force right after Pearl Harbor. He was part of the invasion at Normandy Beach. He found it incredible what Nazi power had done to people. In the town of Erca, there was a sense of death. There was a concentration camp outside the village. When given the task of removing bodies, Germans claimed they had not known it was a death camp. He saw the remains of bodies hanging on barbed wire fences, pyres where live people had been burned, the sites of hangings. He used pictures of the camps to teach high school history and to show friends. Rumors were thus validated. "There are people who don't believe in the Holocaust," says Chassy. "I witnessed the results in one place of what happened. To say it is a myth distorts history. I have evidence in my mind, my heart, and in pictures that it occurred."


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