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Born in 1917 in Poland, Max Krautler lived there until the outbreak of the war. He grew up amidst anti-Semitism and rumors of Hitler in the newspaper prior to the war. His family was moved into a ghetto eventually, and they lived in fear everyday. In 1942 when the ghetto was closed, the Germans took away his family and shot his mother and brother. In the concentration camp, he was always afraid and hungry. He lived on only bread and soup each day. Many prisoners became sick and died. They never knew where they'd be sent next. "At Liberation, the Americans moved us to hospitals. I was the only survivor from my family. I was lucky." He decided there was no need to go back home because everything had changed. He came to the U.S. in 1956. "No one could understand the Holocaust; some don't believe it happened. If we understand it, it might not happen again. I like being an American. People don't bother you."



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