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Pincus Kolender was born in 1926 in Poland. In 1940 synagogues, schools, and businesses were closed to Jews, who were placed in ghettos. One always felt trapped in the ghetto. The Nazis treated people like animals and residents were always disappearing. Despite the harsh circumstances, quite a community spirit grew up among the people in the ghetto. In 1942 he was taken to Auschwitz on a cattle train; his brother escaped. Upon arriving, the survivors were undressed: the left line went to the crematorium, the right line to a work camp. At the work camp they were beaten if their work was not satisfactory. There was always the bitter cold and constant hunger. Many prisoners went totally crazy. Patton's army liberated them. Kolender joined the U.S. Army in 1950. "People should know what happened. By education, we could avoid it happening again: this abuse of people." He doesn't know if he can forgive; cannot forget!



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