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Peter Becker was born in Munich in 1929. At the special Nazi school he attended, students were taught to be political or military leaders and that Hitler was the savior who would lift Germany up. In schools, Jews were depicted in anti-Semitic publications as fat, repugnant and ugly. Students were told that the Jews were their enemies. In biology, students were brainwashed about racial purity. There were inferior races, and then there were the Germans—the top race and an all powerful people. After the war the Russians occupied Potsdam where Becker lived and he was denounced as a Nazi. "I was 100 percent Nazi, but not a leader; I was arrested and interrogated, then released. It took me two years to accept that Germans had killed Jews." According to Becker, eternal vigilance is the order of the day to keep people from controlling others and to guarantee there are no secrets. In addition, a viable, strong press and political activism are needed.

Dr. Becker died on June 8, 2018. 


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