Bluma Goldberg | S.C. Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust


​Bluma Goldberg grew up in Poland in a small, pretty town, with a close knit family and lots of friends. In 1939 Hitler invaded, and the whole town was burned. The Nazis took Jews, including her mother and three sisters, to crematoriums. Her father and brother joined the underground. She and her older sister hid in the woods. Captured and taken by truck to a labor camp, the girls were sent by train to Auschwitz, where there was little food, no running water, dirt, cold, disease, insanity. At Auschwitz, Bluma lost family and friends, along with the desire to live. Liberated by the Americans, she and her husband were later welcomed to South Carolina. "To review these events is very painful to me. I bear it willingly only if you take it into your heart that somehow you and I will contribute together to diminish the possibility that this could ever happen again."


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