Rial Fitch - Mt Pleasant Seafood | Sea Change


Rial Fitch is the owner of Mount Pleasant Seafood in SC. This is his full interview from the SCETV documentary "Sea Change."

Some questions addressed in the video include:

  • What changes have you seen over time?
  • What species are more commonly seen now?
  • Have you see any changes in the availability or the types of shellfish you are working with?
  • What stories do you hear from people who go out and catch the fish?
  • Do you talk to your competitors about this?
  • How does the area's overall economy impact your business?
  • Does catastrophic weather impact supply and demand?
  • Are people becoming more aware of the types of fish migrating here due to climate change?
  • What species are more present here now? What is the possibility that those species become more marketable for you?
  • What is the economic impact of all this?
  • As a small business owner, do you ever get concerned about the impacts this has on development?
  • Are people still interested in commercial fishing?
  • Is there a need for coordination between the states or fisheries?