Joel Cadoff - Fort Pulaski National Monument | Sea Change


Joel Cadoff is Chief of Interpretation at Fort Pulaski National Monument in Savannah, GA. This is his full interview from the SCETV documentary "Sea Change.

The following questions are addresses in this video:

  • What makes Fort Pulaski historically significant?
  • How many people pass through here?
  • How has Fort Pulsaski been impacted by weather these past few years?
  • What have you seen happening in areas around Fort Pulaski?
  • Is there a focus on making the park more resilent to change?
  • As someone who has lived here for eight years, what is your perspective on what you are seeing in the larger area?
  • What did you see our here after Hurricane Irma?
  • Are visitors aware of the issues surrounding Fort Pulaski?
  • What is your sense of their response to that discussion?
  • If we lost Fort Pulaski, what would we lose?
  • In 100 years from now, what do you hope Fort Pulaski will look like?
  • What is the direct impact of the larger container ships that come into Savannah on Fort Pulaski?
  • Is it possible to discuss finding a balance?