The Honorable Mary Jeffcoat | Sea Change


Myrtle Beach City Council member Mary Jeffcoat. This is her full interview from the SCETV documentary "Sea Change."

The following questions were addressed in the video:

  • What brought you to become involved in the City Council?
  • How would you describe the residents of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area in terms of their awareness of climate change?
  • What is your position on climate change?
  • What do you believe would be some of the primary impacts of climate change in the Greater Grand Strand area?
  • Are there any types of initiatives going on in the Myrtle Beach area to mitigate the potential impacts of climate change?
  • Is there anything you would like add about the subject of climate change?
  • How should the messaging be changed in order to convince those who doubt the impact of climate change?
  • Myrtle Beach is driven by tourism and has a lot of corporate investments along the shore and inland. What roles does the corporate investment play in responding to the resiliency question?