Rev. Dr. Nannette Pierson - Food Pantry | Sea Change


Reverend Doctor Nannette Pierson from the Sandalwood Community Food Pantry at the Queen Chapel AME Church in Hilton Head, SC. This is her full interview from the SCETV documentary "Sea Change."

The following questions are addressed in this video:

  • What prompted you to start a food pantry?
  • As your food pantry grows and you are able to service more families, what are some changes you have had to make?
  • Give us a profile of the community in Mitchelville and the people's capacity to be informed and resilient as it relates to climate change?
  • How do we get people at the global level to care about communities like the one you just described? Do you have a recipe?
  • Will people be able to find ways to trust in the type of government agencies and programs that will be inolved in climate change?