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The lesson begins with a young man making an "economic decision" concerning the purchase of a pair of running shoes. The host defines economics beginning with, "Economics is that branch of the social studies which deals with how people use productive resources to satisfy their wants--it deals with land, labor, capital goods and management and entrepreneurship. "

Following this are a number of clips from manner with economics. Each is introduced by a student. These include:

  1. Student at Palisade at Charles Towne landing introducing "Charles Town" clip.
  2. Student near marshes at Charles Towne landing introducing "Rice Cultivation"
  3. Student at Keowee-Toxaway State Park in Pickens county introducing "The Legend of Isaqueena"
  4. Student at a farm location introducing clip from "Agricultural Depression of the 1920's. "
  5. Student at farm introducing clip from "Pitchfork Ben Tillman."
  6. Student at the Lowenstein Mill in Lyman introducing "Industrialization in South Carolina" clip.

These clips are followed by interviews with Mr. Jim Futrell of the Farm Credit Bureau, on a farm in Richland County, Mr Bob Leake of the State Development Board in his office in Columbia, and with Mr. Bob Liming of the Division of Tourism of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, at the Columbia Airport.

The host concludes the program pointing out the impact of state government and the military on the state's economy. Locations for these segments are the south grounds of the State House and Fort Jackson.


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