The Statehouse | Palmetto Special


The host and several students provide the viewer a tour of the State House grounds and inside the building. The emphasis is on its history and appearance, rather than on the operation of state government. On the tour of the grounds, the statues of James Byrnes, Ben Tillman, J. Marion Sims, Wade Hampton, and George Washington are noted as are the bronze stars locating the spots hit by Sherman's artillery during the Civil War. Next are two students in a library who discuss a brief history of South Carolina's State Houses. This is followed by a tour inside the State House, beginning in the lobby. There are references to the statue of John C. Calhoun, the Palmetto trees, the portrait of Mary Mcleod Bethune and paintings of two Revolutionary War battles.

In the Senate Chamber, the portraits of James Byrnes and Ann Pamela Cunningham are noted, as well as the sword, that serves as the symbol of authority for the House. In the House of Representatives, the mace, the symbol of authority in the Senate, is seen as well as portraits of Francis Marion, Andrew Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Woodrow Wilson. A look to the Legislative Council is next. This is where members of the General Assembly can get help in researching and writing bills that they wish to introduce. After a look at the Governor's Office, the host concludes the program.


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