The Regulators | Palmetto Special


In this section, the "Palmetto Special" leaves Columbia and travels to Spartanburg County. At the beginning of the program the Fall Line is defined, along with an introduction to the backcountry, the frontier of South Carolina. In addition, the storyline of the dramatic portion is established. At the conclusion, Walnut Grove Plantation is highlighted and the fate of the Requlator movement discussed.

The Reenactment: George and Emma Carter, along with their son, Michael, have migrated from Virginia to the backcountry of South Carolina, as had many others in the area. They become victims of a crime wave, and George, a Regulator, along with other Regulator neighbors, captures and punishes the culprits. Subsequently, charges are filed against George for taking the law into his own hands and he is summoned to Charleston to stand trial.

Major locations for the reenactment include:

  1. Walnut Grove Plantation, Roebuck, Spartanburg County.
  2. The Price House, Spartanburg County.
  3. The Robert Mills House, Columbia, Richland County.

The situation in today's lesson is one that might have occurred. The characters are fictitious. Rev Woodmason, who is mentioned, was a real person and a champion for the rights of the backcountry people.


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