Charles Town | Palmetto Special


A dramatic sequence is included in this wraparound. It is an analogy to the eight Lords Proprietors receiving the grant of Carolina from King Charles II. Five people gather for lunch to discuss a mutual parcel of land that they have received in a will. They explore various possibilities of turning a profit from the inheritance.

This Palmetto Episode traveled along Highway 261 in Sumter County-destination Charleston. The grant of land to the Lords Proprietors is discussed and students identify the Proprietors at locations named for them. The students are located in:

  1. Berkeley County (John Lord Berkeley) (Sir William Berkeley)
  2. Clarendon County (The Earl of Clarendon)
  3. Colleton County (Sir John Colleton)
  4. The Ashley and-Cooper Rivers (Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper)
  5. Albemarle-Point (George Monck, Duke of Albemarle)


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