Transportation in SC | Palmetto Special


The lesson deals primarily with the development of roads, railroads, and canals in South Carolina. The program is in a basic documentary form and was done entirely on location. Comparisons are made to these same methods of transportation today. The host is joined by three students to present the lesson. 

Among the places visited and discussed are:

  1. Greensboro, North Carolina where the Southern Railways replica of "The Best Friend of Charleston" was on display as a part of a historical celebration there.
  2. The old State Road in Lexington County (Cayce) and Berkeley County.
  3. The old Santee Canal in Berkeley County.
  4. The Landsford Canal in Landsford State Park, Lancaster County.
  5. The Varennes Tavern on South Carolina Highway 28 just outside of Anderson, Anderson County.
  6. The Poinsett Bridge on a branch of the State Road in Greenville County.
  7. The Columbia Canal.
  8. A boat trip through the locks at Santee-Cooper.
  9. A ride on an Amtrak Train, "The Palmetto" from Charleston to Richmond, Virginia.
  10. South Carolina Highway 11 which follows portions of the old Cherokee path.



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