Soil Bank | Palmetto Special


This lesson presents a dramatic episode of a fictional family living near Batesurg in Lexington County in the mid 1950's. They are having economic difficulties and make a decision to place some of their farm in the Soil Bank. A subplot concerns the family purchasing their first television set. The first television set was a maior event for most families at that time. The program begins with the family in the living room listening to "Our Miss Brooks" on the radio. A discussion of the family finances ensues.

The next day while David, the l4-year-old son, is at football practice, his father Frank meets with some friends at the local cafe where it is suggested that he look into the Soil Bank program. A trip to Lexington follows with Frank and Margaret, his wife, meeting with Bob Harmon at the Soil Conservation office. As David and his pal Eddie discuss the Halloween dance, Frank arrives. He and David go to Shealy's Furniture Store, a real business in Batesburg, to inquire about purchasing a television set. Next, a visit to the farm by Mr. Harmon indicates that their participation in the Soil Bank program is forthcoming. The program ends with the arrival of a television set and the viewing of a new television show-- "Leave It to Beaver."

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