The Beautiful Phantom of Daisy Bank | Palmetto Special


This prograrn was adapted from a story in the book, The Return of the Gray Man, by Julian Stevenson Bolick. It was produced on location, but not necessarily where the story supposedly takes place. No pretense is made as to its authenticity.

The story begins in the heyday of the rice planting days, perhaps the second quarter of the 19th century in Georgetown County The daughter of a rice planter falls in love with a sea captain who comes to Murrell's Inlet frequently They wish to marry, however, her father wishes her to marry a rice planter instead. Reluctantly, the sea captain agrees to give up the sea and accept a gracious offer of land on the young womans family plantation--Daisy Bank. They build a new home and entertain lavishly. At one party they announce that it will be the last for awhile ..the next party will be to celebrate the birth of their first child. Sadly, the baby dies at birth and the wife lives only a few hours. The distraught husband refuses to accept this fact for several days, but finally agrees to bury her only if she is placed in a glass enclosed coffln where he can view the corpse at will.

From here the story jumps forward over one hundred years. Daisy Bank now belongs to northerners who use it for a hunting preserve. The graveyard at Daisy Bank has long since been overgrown and forgotten On one particular hunt the owner's son and his date discover graveyard at which point ghastly things begin to happen.


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