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Thomas Sumter, the "Gamecock," Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox," and Andrew Pickens, the "Wizard Owl" are perhaps the best known of South Carolina's Revolutionary War leaders. Their premier contributions occurred during 1780 and 1781 when the war moved south in full force. Sumter was one of the first to form a regiment and his actions inspired others to join in the resistance to the Tory forces Marion was noted for his "hit and run" guerrilla tactics. Pickens was a man of strong character and commitment.

The television lesson includes a segment on each man designed to give an insight into his character. Andrew Pickens had been parolled by the British in Charleston when that city was captured in May 1780. As a condition of the parole, he had given his word that he would not take up arms against the British unless he, his family or property was violated. This segment tells what occurred to cause Pickens to reenter the war.

At the battle of Fishdam Ford on the Broad River, Thomas Sumter had an opportunity to get personal revenge on a man who hours earlier had attempted to kill him. This segment depicts the events that led to the incident and the manner in which General Sumter handled the situation.

Francis Marion was involved in a number of skirmishes that caught the enemy off guard, forced them to reckon with him, thus allowing other patriot forces to conduct their missions with greater success. This segment shows how Marion received the nickname "Swamp Fox."



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