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Standard 4.1.CO

4.1.CO Compare the interactions among cultural groups as a result of European colonization.

Grade(s): 4

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

About the Catawba Nation | Let's Go!


The Catawba Indian Nation is the only federally recognized reservation in the state of South Carolina. The Catawba people have lived in the Piedmont region for over six thousand years, and today...
Circle of Inheritance: Native Land, Native People
Circle of Inheritance: Native Land, Native People


Through this lesson students will be able to recall information on the settlement of South Carolina and the United States by Native Americans and Europeans through a series of summative assessments...

Origins of Lowcountry Cuisine | Between the Waters


Culinary adaptations transformed traditional African dishes into a unique, new creolized cuisine, influenced by European and Native American traditions, and characteristic of Gullah culture. Foodways...