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The lesson begins at the Wilson Tennis Ball factory in Fountain Inn. Here we see a montage in the process of making tennis balls The host then mentions that there are many other products made in the state. Another montage follows showing a sampling of some of them. Included are Helms sailboats; Glassmaster motorboats; Shakespeare fiberglass fishing rods; Life jackets from the Gladding Corporation; Golf balls and clubs from Dunlop Sports; Russell Stover candies; Ridgeland guitars; Home-lite chain saws; Sunbeam lawn-mowers and grass sprinklers, Looney-Tunes toothpaste, Schmidt Products, and Stanley screwdrivers.

Next is a montage of a large plant in Berkeley County--the Alumax Corporation. It is an example of an industry that has moved a part of its operation to South Carolina. It produces aluminum ingots. The second portion of this montage shows a local manufacturer --­ The Loxcreen company of Cayce. This South Carolina company has grown and established plants in various parts of the country. In the montage we see Loxcreen producing storm doors.

A dramatic scene follows with William Gregg discussing the virtues of a diversified economy in South Carolina with friends of his. Then he happens upon a young man playing hooky at a pond near the Graniteville mill. This location is the site of the original dam of the Graniteville Company. They talk about life in Graniteville and the changes that the new industry has made in their lives.

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