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Standard 8-5.5

8-5.5 Compare industrial development in South Carolina to industrialization in the rest of the United States, including the expansion of railroads, the development of the phosphate and textile industries, and immigration.

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Six Degrees of the Gilded Age in South Carolina
Six Degrees of the Gilded Age in South Carolina


This activity is based loosely on the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The teacher can choose to place students into five different groups, giving each group a challenge question, or can make this an...

Industrialization | Palmetto Special


The lesson begins at the Wilson Tennis Ball factory in Fountain Inn. Here we see a montage in the process of making tennis balls The host then mentions that there are many other products made in the...
SC Economy | Palmetto Special


The lesson begins with a young man making an "economic decision" concerning the purchase of a pair of running shoes. The host defines economics beginning with, "Economics is that branch of the social...


A dramatic scene follows with William Gregg discussing the virtues of a diversified economy in South Carolina with friends of his. Then he happens upon a young man playing hooky at a pond near the...
Earth Day, Part 2 | Project Discovery
Episode 2


Project Discovery looks further at the Ccngaree Swamp and how it became a protected park with an excerpt from the documentary "Roots in the River". (Part 2)
William Gregg | S.C. Hall of Fame


William Gregg (1800-1867) was born in Charleston and was a leading advocate of Southern industrialization. He founded a successful cotton mill in Graniteville, South Carolina and brought the concept...
James Lide Coker | S.C. Hall of Fame


Born January 3, 1837, in Society Hill, James Lide Coker was a farmer, soldier, businessman, merchant, banker, railroad man, and industrialist. He was a planter in Hartsville until the Civil War began...