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November 2021 on - It's Our Anniversary!

Images from content featured in November 2021 on

We’re celebrating!

A year ago, on Nov. 4, 2020, we presented our new site design featuring the lesson plans from LearningWhy combined with all the media from KnowItAll!

Part of our celebration features a new page created just for you and featuring our Most Popular Content! You can find our Top 10 Lesson Plans, Videos, Interactives, Series, Audio, Documents, Photos and Collections! Take a look!


November Featured Content – View details below!

Here’s a quick synopsis:



We're Celebrating - View our Most Popular Content!

It’s our anniversary! On November 4, 2020, we launched our new website!

The new site made it possible for the first time to view all of the lesson plans from LearningWhy along with all of the media resources from—all in one place on!

We decided to celebrate by offering a new feature that we hope you'll enjoy!

Now you can easily view our Most Popular Content by clicking on the horizontal bar on the home page of, where it says, “Attention Educators! Thank you for embracing our new website! Let’s find out what you love to use. View Results.”

Top 10 Lessons

1. Absolute Monarch: The Reign of Louis XIV in France |

2. Gullah Gourmet |

3. Gullah Storybook |

4. African Americans in South Carolina: Gullah |

5. Catch the Gullah Beat: Rhythm and Percussion |

6. Animal Behavior: How Animals Respond to Their Environment |

7. Settling the Backcountry |

8. Mo Willems Author Study |

9. Sharecropping Simulation |

10. A PBL That Explores Beyond Barbados: The Carolina Connection |


Top 10 Videos

1. Making Baskets | Gullah Net

2. H. William Close, Son: Elliott Close | Legacy of Leadership

3. French and Indian War, Part 2 } History In A Nutshell

4. Eliza Lucas Pinckney | Legacy of Leadership Profile

5. About the Catawba Nation | Let’s Go!

6. N is for Native American | South Carolina from A to Z

7. R. Roy Pearce | Legacy of Leadership Profile

8. When Rice Was King (2): South Carolina’s Rice Economy

9. When Rice Was King (1): Intro

10. When Rice Was King (3): Rice Cultivation and Processing


Top 10 Interactives

1. Microscope | Hobby Shop |

2. Rocket | Hobby Shop |

3. Listen to Gullah | Gullah Net |

4. How Sound Travels | NASA Online |

5. Got the Blues | Gullah Net |

6. Secret Code | Gullah Net |

7. Carrick Creek } RiverVenture

8. Re-Mix Studio | Music | Artopia |

9. Pine Needle Basket Workshop | A Natural State |

10. Create a Storyboard | Artopia |


Top 10 Series 

1. Gullah Net

2. Kids Work!


4. Artopia

5. History In A Nutshell

6. Nuestro Futuro (Our Future)

7. Ghosts & Legends of South Carolina

8. Pirates of the Carolinas

9. Zoo Minutes

10. Let’s Go! CAREERS


Top Ten Audio

1. Middle Passage | Gullah Music

2. Work Song | Gullah Music

3. African Music | Gullah Music

4. Songs | Gullah Net

5. Blues | Gullah Music

6. Spirituals | Gullah Music

7. Pop & Soul | Gullah Music

8. Jazz | Gullah Music

9. Reggae | Gullah Music

10. Gospel | Gullah Music


Top Ten Documents

1. History of Radio | Kids Work!

2. Television Invention | Kids Work!

3. Gullah History | Gullah Net

4. Medicine: Ancient Times (800-500 B.C.) | Kids Work!

5. Gullah Traditions | Gullah Net

6. Ancient Theater (600 B.C. - 410 A.D.) | Kids Work!

7. History of Theater: Intro | Kids Work!

8. Gullah Glossary | GullahNet |

9. Medicine: Dark and Middle Ages (500 - 1400s) | Kids Work!

10. Renaissance Theater (1300-1600 A.D.) | Kids Work!


Top 10 Photos

1. Hispanic Countries & Flags | Periscope 

2. What Is Haiku? What Are the Rules? 

3. Learning About the Stage: Acting Areas Diagram | Artopia 

4. Coastal Plains Landform | A Natural State |

5. Lascaux Cave Painting | Artopia

6. Map: Trail of Tears National History Trail | Periscope

7. Chapter 1: The Early Cherokee | Periscope 

8. Southern Chivalry - Argument Versus Clubs | History of SC Slide Collection

9. Learning About the Stage: Body Positions Diagram | Artopia

10. Gullah People | Gullah Net


Top 10 Collections

1. Career Explorations!

2. South Carolina Counties

3. Constitution Day

4. Gullah

5. ETV StreamlineSC

6. Hispanic Heritage

7. Santee

8. Virtual Field Trips

9. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

10. Ghosts & Legends of South Carolina





In January 2019, we introduced you to our new web and mobile application, Reconstruction 360.

We have just published the second module, A Seat at the Table, about the importance of family and other social institutions to freed Black people in the years following the Civil War.

Sit down to dinner in Savannah in 1868 and explore the 360° environment and embedded videos, and test your knowledge with the R360 quiz.

                  A person and person standing next to a table with food on it

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The photo on the left depicts the Savannah family around the table. It’s a production shot with the 360 camera in the middle of the table.

The photo on the right features the actors portraying the pastor and the freedwoman – Daniel Niati and Christine Garvin.


Intended for the general public, students and educators, Reconstruction 360 uses 360° videos and short documentary films to shed light on the Reconstruction era. The project focuses on the theme of land and labor, specifically unpacking the history of “40 Acres and a Mule,” the short-lived promise of land that was made to freedmen along the coast of South Carolina and Georgia.

Reconstruction 360 takes a close look at the impact on freedpeople of land policies during the early years of Reconstruction. The platform for the app is a 360° reenactment of the moment in 1865 when a freedman and his family are informed by a member of the Freedmen’s Bureau that they do not own the farm they had acquired through General Sherman’s Field Order 15.  As the scene plays out, hotspots leading to short videos appear next to the characters. In these videos, on-camera narrators chart the complex history of the promise and heartbreak of “40 Acres and a Mule,” including the role of the Freedmen’s Bureau, President Johnson’s pardons of Confederates, and the agency of freedpeople in shaping their own destiny after the Civil War. Other topics covered include the Black Codes, the role of women and children, the development of public education, and the evolution of sharecropping.

In other videos on the site, historians help to place the stories in the historical, social and geographic context, while interviews with descendants document personal connections to the past.

Geolocative maps guide users on a tour through Reconstruction landmarks in Columbia, South Carolina. Taken together, these elements create a history resource that is accessible, portable and appealing, making immersive mobile-first experiences widely available to a global audience on tablets and smartphones.




From the mountains to the midlands to the coast, there's always something new to discover in South Carolina. Discover SC's Devyn Whitmire will experience some of the most unique and iconic experiences the Palmetto State has to offer.



National Career Development Month

Career education resources are available in all of the Career Clusters by visiting our Career Explorations Collection! You can locate these assets easily by Series or Career Cluster.

Career Explorations on

KnowItAll brings an abundance of career education and job shadowing videos to your computer, tablet or mobile device! These videos provide insight into a wide array of professions, as students plan the pathway that best suits them.

You can locate these assets easily by Career Cluster and by  Series  - Under Within This Collection, you’ll see the career education videos grouped by Career Cluster and just below, you’ll see the Related Series!

View KnowItAll Career Education Content by Career Cluster:


Produced by ETV, these interviews highlight jobs in various geographic regions of our state. SC Career and Technology Centers are located in these areas and school districts. Ask your school guidance counselor for more information.

Aiken County Career and Technology Center (Warrenville) | Anderson I and II Career and Technology Center (Williamston) | Barnwell County Career Center (Blackville) | Colleton Career Skills Center (Walterboro) | Dorchester County Career and Technology Center (Summerville) | Enoree Career Center (Greenville) | Fairfield Career and Technology Center (Winnsboro) Hemingway Career and Technology Center | Heyward Career and Technology Center (Columbia) | Lexington Technology Center | Daniel Morgan Technology Center (Spartanburg) | Hamilton Career and Technology Center (Seneca, Oconee County) | Pickens County Career and Technology Center (Liberty) | G. Frank Russell Career Center (Greenwood) Sumter Career and Technology Center | Union County Schools | Woolard Technology Center (Camden) 

*Please contact us if you are aware that the websites for these career and technology centers have changed. Thank you!


Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is celebrated from November 1-30 each year.

View our Native American Heritage Collection

Within This Collection (Native American Tribes and Their History)



College Application Months – August through December Each Year

Carolina Classrooms

College admissions professionals from around the state participated in a panel discussion hosted by ETV’s Kimberly Singletary. They discussed how students can plan for and prepare to apply for college. Guests included:

  • Kaela Gardner
    Freshman Admissions Counselor, Clemson University

  • Ty Robbins 
    Admissions Counselor, Winthrop University

  • Nicholas Ketaner
    Associate Director for Admissions and Testing, Midlands Technical College

  • Michelle McDowell
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions at the College of Charleston 

  • Dr. Gerrick Hampton
    South Carolina Commission on Higher Education  

Other features include a college planning timeline for students in 9th through 12th grade, advice from current and former students, and a visit to the Student Ambassador program at CrossRoads Intermediate School in Lexington/Richland District 5.

Additional guests include –

  • Sarah Stone
    Former SCETV intern

  • Sydney Hankinson 
    Former SCETV intern

  • Emma DeVenny
    Former SCETV intern 

  • Will Robinson
    CrossRoads Intermediate School 

  • Jean Hudson 
    School Counselor, CrossRoads Intermediate School

  • Laura Yancey-Jones
    School Counselor, CrossRoads Intermediate School

  • Kathryn Silva
    Associate Professor of History 
    Interim Chair, Department of Humanities, Claflin University 

Additional content:

Find additional content on Carolina Classrooms on! 

View more on this topic and others on Carolina Classrooms on the SCETV website! 




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