French and Indian War, Part 2 | History In A Nutshell - Episode 2


Part two briefly outlines the French and Indian War.

After England officially declares war on France in 1756, this marks the beginning of both the French and Indian War, and the Seven Years War. French Forces under Lieutenant General Louis Joseph De Montcalm defeated John Campbell's British forces time and again, until William Pitt became England's new Secretary of State. Pitt enacted some new changes, and the tide turned in favor of the British. The last, and largest battle of the French and Indian War, the Battle of Quebec, was a crucial victory for the British, who could now take control of most of North America. Engagements after 1760 were more sporadic in nature, since Native Americans still attacked British settlements after France backed out of the conflict. 

Although the Treaty of Paris in 1763 signified Britain's victory in the French and Indian War, England was left in massive debt. These debts would end up setting the stage for the American colonies to declare independence from Great Britain.